EFAS ARGAN OIL ECOCERT 125 ML glass bottle

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EFAS Entreprise Feminine Rurale d'Economie Sociale
anti-ageing: effectively slows down the ageing process and also smoothes out existing wrinkles,
moisturizing: the omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids stimulate the process of cell oxygenation and help the skin
regain its water balance,
anti-cellulite: prevents the formation of cellulite and stretch marks and smoothes the existing ones:
especially recommended to be used throughout pregnancy and post partum,
firming: naturally rich in vitamin E, which improves skin elasticity and gives a healthy glow,
stimulating: rebuilds skin’s natural lipid coat
Recommended as a moisturizer for delicate baby skin and very dry skin conditions in the elderly,
nourishing: provides the skin with necessary nutrients,
healing and regenerating: argan oil stimulates the intracellular breathing process and strengthens the structure
of the connective tissue. Due to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols, argan oil stimulates
the cell rebuilding process, accelerates skin layer regeneration and contributes to its strengthening,
protective shield against adverse weather conditions: wind and low temperatures,
soothing skin lesions: skin allergies, acne, nappy rash, cradle cap,
soothing: neutralizes unpleasant side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Protects the skin from
the damaging effect of substance build up caused by drugs administration and burns caused by radiation. This effect
is attributed to the content of lutein in argan oil- xanthophyll from carotenoid group,
which soothes the skin following sun exposure and minimizes damaging effects of ultraviolet rays: it makes
the skin golden in colour and contributes to long-lasting tan. Quickly and effectively neutralizes the adverse effects of
sun exposure.

- as a face and body moisturizer applied directly onto the skin,
- on particularly dry areas such as heels, elbows and hands,
- on hair and eyelashes: can be used as a deeply nourishing hair and scalp mask,
that prevents hair loss; argan oil also regenerates hair follicles,
- on nails: nourishes and strengthens brittle nails, makes them look shiny and glossy,
- for body massage: provides relief for tired, aching muscles,
- it can be added to bath water for a luxurious, moisturizing bath as it deeply moisturizes
the skin with no need for applying the body lotion,
- as sun screen and after sun oil ingredient – it soothes skin erythema caused
by sun exposure.
Argan oil should be applied onto damp skin.
Producer: EFAS

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